Supertech 1.8t 2.7t Valve Guides

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Supertech valve guides for the VAG 1.8t and 2.7t V6 engines.

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Valve guide Audi

11.045mm x 36.15mm

Valve Guide Inlet and Outlet, Audi 1.8T / 2.7T, Manganese Bronze, Oversized Diameter 11,075mm

Outer diameter: 11,045mm
Length: 36,15mm

Recommended valve seals:

Supertech valve guides are precision engineered from a high quality manganese-bronze blend. The valve guides in combination with the Black Nitride valves offer a very good solution for performance and durability- For exhaust side valve guides in high-performance engines, we use a copper alloy that generates about 3 times higher thermal transfer than a manganese-bronze mixture. For these engines we also recommend our Inconel exhaust valves.

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Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


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