Pro-Race Engineering Sponsorship

Do you have that something different, presence, niche, technical knowledge or pure build insanity to
be part of this opportunity?

We’re looking for candidates to sponsor and be a brand ambassador.

Do you feel you present any of the following attributes

  • Great technical knowledge of your platform
  • Strong social media outlets
  • Race and event wins
  • History of great builds, projects or race attendances

We have some strong parties already in the VAG scene, although this is not ruled out for future
applicants, we’re focusing on other markets and brands

  • Drag Car
  • Circuit – Track Car
  • Sprint Car
  • Drift Car
  • Show and Shine Car
  • Show Car
  • Stanced Car

All of the above considered.

Nothing is completely free in this world! For successful applicants we’re willing to offer up to cost price
on parts and heavily discounted services.

We currently list a strong VAG parts library, we can, will and do supply much more, please don’t let this put you off! What we would really like to know is what can you offer us in return? (ROI return on investment)
We will be looking to develop products, produce and test them at the aid of these sponsorship placements. We need willing people to part of this partnership and represent Pro-Race Engineering

Please send your applications to

Only applications via the dedicated email address will be considered and we will not entertain PM’s and short messages for the application! You need to stand out and offer something in return for what we will offer you!

What you should include in your proposal.
We will be receiving a high volume of requests for this opportunity. All requests will be reviewed by committee and decided in this manor. Due to this we would like a proposal structured to include at a
minimum the following.

  • 1. A detailed description of the project, aims and goals your aiming for.
  • 2. Information on the owner and driver of the vehicle.
  • 3. Any previous projects and achievements.
  • 4. Potential list of products desired (we will try our upmost to source brands desired)
  • 5. List of shows, events or exhibitions planned.
  • 6. Media exposure. Links to accounts, at of followers.

We’re looking for people to be in touch with the team and work with us, in return we will do the
best to do help you achieve the desired goals

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