1.8t Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valves (Individual valves)


Inconel exhaust valves are vital upgrade for a tuned turbocharged engine. Supertech offer a lightweight line up of components.

This listing is for individual valves. please select the QTY you require, we also supply complete kits.

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Supertech manufactures a variety of high performance Inconel valves for many applications. These valves are manufactured from a Nickel base super alloy material (Inconel 751 or Nimonic 80A) this material is chosen because it is designed to withstand very high temperatures. These valves feature a one-piece forging, hardened tip, and our “superfinish” stem. Depending on the application these valves come back cut, undercut, flat or dished.

Inconel Valves are a must for a hard pushed 1.8t engine due to heats and temperatures involved, inconel will give that added protection in these harsh environments unlike the standard or stainless valves do.

Additional information

Valve Keeper Type

Single Groove, Triple Groove

Valve Size

+1mm, Stock Size




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