1.8t Supertech Full Valvetrain Kit


High quality full valvetrain kit from supertech. Absolute must to release the higher rpm with large frame turbos. We have personally pushed these to over 9500rpm with their single groove valves on our team cars.

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This is a well suited, lightweight and durable valvetrain solution for the 1.8t. The kit consists of single groove nitrided inlet valves, single groove Inconel exhaust valves and supertechs spring kit with Ti retainers. The valves can be supplied in stock size or +1mm on both sides of the head.

Valve Kit:
These are a great starting point for any 1.8t cylinder head build. High quality forged stainless valves are black nitrated for maximum hardness and smoothness. For the price, these are an excellent replacement for stock valves. The inconel exhaust valves offer far superior reliability to OEM style stainless, sodium filled exhaust valves which often crumble into the cylinder. For the very highest performance builds, we can also supply these valves in +1mm oversize for maximum flow (machine work required).

These are all single groove keeper setups which are for extremely high rpm usage. This setup grips the actual shaft of the valve, rather then relying on the material of the three grooves itself to restrain the valve. We can also supply the triple groove OEM style valves and keepers, please enquire if you require these.


  • 12 High quality forged stainless steel black nitrided stock or +1mm oversized intake valves
  • 8 Inconel exhaust valves in either stock or +1mm oversized
  • Single groove keepers to suit the level of kit you require, 2 per valve

Valve Spring Kit:
An absolute must for anyone wishing to stretch the powerband of their 20v engine out past 7500 rpm or so safely. These take a two pronged approach by increasing the spring rates meanwhile reducing the mass of the retainer, by using titanium. The use of titanium provides an adequate fatigue life to be acceptable for all but the highest mileage street use. These will allow usage up to 8000 rpm although we have used them for occasional use to 8500rpm on hydraulic lifters. More RPM is possible by converting to solid lifter buckets as there is plenty of spring rate here.


  • Single Intake Springs
  • Double Exhaust Springs
  • Ti Retainers

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions25 × 20 × 15 cm
Inlet Valve Size

+1mm, Stock Size

Exhaust Valve Size

+1mm, Stock Size




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