JE Pro Seal Piston Rings 4 Cylinder 82mm Bore

£105.00 incl VAT £87.50 ex VAT

Replacement 4 cylinder JE piston rings


JE Pro Seal Piston Rings

These rings will fit nearly all aftermarket 4 cylinder JE pistons. Please enquire to check if you’re unsure.

We can supply 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder and even individual Qty’s please enquire.

Actual Bore Size:  3.228in
Actual Bore Size (Alternate):  82.00mm
Ring Kit – Oil Radial Width:  0.128in
Ring Kit – Oil Thickness:  2.8mm
Ring Kit – Oil Type:  CNF
Ring Kit – Second Radial Width:  0.138in
Ring Kit – Second Thickness:  1.2mm
Ring Kit – Second Type:  DPE
Ring Kit – Top Radial Width:  0.126in
Ring Kit – Top Thickness:  1.0mm
Ring Kit – Top Type:  CNS

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm

JE pistons


Engine build parts, Piston rings

Bore size



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