IE Street/Race Exhaust Camshaft For VW/Audi 1.8T 20V engines

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The IECVA2-1 Street/Race Exhaust Camshaft features a more aggressive cam profile and centerline grind. When combined with an IE intake camshaft, the combination is perfect for mid to larger-sized aftermarket turbo builds in the 400-600 horsepower range with an ideal powerband of 4000RPM-8000RPM.


This exhaust camshaft is designed to be installed along with a matching IE intake camshaft. Depending on your turbocharger, this cam can be used with either our street/race or race intake camshafts. The specialized cam profile and centerline are engineered to re-tune the sequencing of the valves to match the flow and power curve of your turbocharger while retaining a relatively smooth idle.

Compatible Exhaust Camshafts:

  • IECVA2-2 Street/Race Intake Camshaft
  • IECVA1-2 Race Intake Camshaft


  • 267 Deg Advertised
  • 204 Deg @ 0.050″
  • 0.370″ Lift
  • 108 CLA


Larger turbos and camshafts allow for a larger powerband and higher RPM limits putting more strain on the valvetrain components. Upgrading the valve springs and retainers to match is highly recommended.


The factory-equipped camshafts in your VW/Audi 1.8T 20V engine are tuned for the small stock turbocharger. Stock cams are designed for low boost pressures in low RPM ranges, which is at odds with aftermarket larger turbos that run higher boost pressures at higher RPMs. Matching the valve lift to the turbo’s most efficient range with camshafts sequences your valvetrain to your turbo and unlocks instant power gains when setup correctly.


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