IE Early 1.8t 058 Adjustable Cam Gear


Integrated Engineering’s billet cam pulley for early 1.8t 058 engines typically found in early longitudinal based cars. Use this pulley to get your cams dialled in to exactly were you want them.

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The IE Adjustable Cam Gear unlocks the ability to reliably adjust the powerband of your 1.8T 20V Performance engine build for individual preference of peak power. Give yourself a competitive edge while also strengthening your timing interface!


  • Adjust your power band for desired peak power
  • Hard anodize outer ring for ultimate wear resistance
  • Includes stainless ARP bolts for ultra reliability
  • Sharp laser etching for exact cam positioning
  • Fully CNC machined in the USA
  • Adjustment Range +/- 10 Deg
  • Available with complete install kit


Every performance engine build and intended use varies. Some setups are geared for crazy piles of screaming top end power for straight-line drag race type use while others may be looking for mid-range grunt for track or street use. Either way, one thing is clear, there is no one setup that will perfectly satisfy everyone. To modify your powerband to suit individual use, typically an engine builder would adjust the centerline of the camshaft(s). This is usually a very involved and daunting task, however, IE’s adjustable timing gear allows very small (less than single timing tooth) adjustments to the camshaft to manually adjust the powerband to personal taste without adjusting the physical centerline of the camshaft and without worry of causing timing damage to the engine. Using an IE adjustable timing gear along with dyno/logging work, you can dial in dramatic results with any aftermarket or factory camshaft set.


IE Adjustable Cam Gears are CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum and feature a real one-piece male keyway for an exact stock fit. The cam gear outer ring is machined to VW/Audi factory specifications for a perfect mesh with your timing belt and then hard anodized for beyond factory gear long-life wear. The adjustable bolt threads are roll form tapped to create the toughest threads available and then fitted with high-quality stainless ARP bolts to lock it all together. The gear center is finished with black anodizing and precise crisp laser etched measure marks to ensure proper setup and cam positioning. Not only will an IE Adjustable Cam Gear allow you to modify your powerband, it also increases the overall strength of the cam gear itself on your 1.8T 20V engine build.


Choosing the complete kit includes everything IE recommends to complete your Adjustable Cam Gear installation on your performance VW or Audi 1.8T 20V engine. The factory 1.8T 20V cam gear interface is a common weak point of any engine build beyond factory power levels and can often lead to complete engine failure. The cam gear keyways (stock or aftermarket) are designed for alignment only and when subject to high torque loads can break allowing the gear to spin and lose complete engine timing. A broken keyway is not a timing gear failure, but a failure of the timing gear bolt interface. To strengthen this interface and reduce the chances of this happening, the IE Complete Cam Gear Kit includes an IE Spec ARP Cam Gear Bolt and IE Spec EKagrip Friction Disk.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • (1X) Integrated Engineering Cam Gear
  • (1X) Integrated Engineering / ARP Cam Gear Bolt
  • (1X) Integrated Engineering / EKagrip Cam Gear Friction Disc

ARP Cam Gear Bolt
With upgraded valvetrain and higher RPM, there is much more stress on the cam pulley keyway. This added stress can result in catastrophic engine damage, which can lead to bent valves or even destroyed pistons and cylinder heads. With much testing and development, IE has worked with ARP to offer an aerospace grade cam pulley bolt, which allows for a larger clamping force on the cam pulley. This added clamping force will ensure that the joint does not slip.

IE Spec EKagrip Friction Shim
Simply increasing the clamping force of the cam gear bolt interface is not enough as high torque and high RPM can lead to wear between the cam gear and cam gear surfaces, leading to loose bolt tension and complete engine failure. To further strengthen the cam gear interface, IE worked with EKagrip to manufacture specialty nickel and diamond coated friction shim discs. These shim discs increase the friction between the cam gear and camshaft components by up to 3 times what is seen with regular aluminum on steel contact, greatly increasing the load which can be carried. This combination allows the upgraded timing gear bolt to perform at its most reliable and increases the entire cam gear interface strength and life for any performance build.

NOTE: If you chose to purchase the cam gear only, it is highly recommended to replace the factory cam gear bolt with a new one whenever you remove the cam gear. If you would like an upgraded performance cam gear bolt for engines making higher than stock power output, purchase 1.8T Complete Cam Gear Kit option.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 7 cm
Cam Gear Kit Type

Cam gear only, Complete kit with bolt and shim


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